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eCoverly Animated Cover Tool REVIEWED!

When I heard about this new eCover design tool, I was skeptical. I mean, how many more cover designers do we really need? And are they even worth the money?

The only reason I decided to review eCovely was because it DID have a promising new feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else (particularly at the same price.) And that’s ANIMATED covers.

eCoverly is a brand new tool that creates professional looking ANIMATED eCovers in seconds. You can create animated covers for your reports, books, courses, podcasts and pretty much any other type of digital product or service you can imagine.

But are animated covers worth it? Can they really increase your sales? And is eCoverly actually worth the investment to create them?

Let’s find out what eCoverly really is… what it can do.

What is eCoverly

eCoverly is a new Book cover creator tool that allows you to create animated ecovers for your books, reports, podcasts, programs and more.

It was created by Adeel Chowdhry and is set for launch from October 1 to October 9, 2023.

A lot of ecover tools only allow you to create static covers, which is fine, but if you look around you, the world is changing…

New York Times Bestelling Authors are jumping on the animated ecover bandwagon along with many major publishers - but why?

Well, it’s just another way to grab attention… because if you don’t have attention you don’t make sales. It’s that simple. As you know, there’s heaps of competition out there.

Any little trick, hack or gimmick you can use to stand out can make all the difference. With eCoverly you don’t need any animation or coding skills.

You just load up a template and edit however you like.

The surprising thing is, these templates are pretty stunning straight out of the gate… way more professional than other design templates and tools I’ve used in the past.

Here’s a quick overview of the core features:

Create animated ecovers - there are 40 templates to choose from and everything is fully editable.

Create static ecovers - you get 250 static templates to save you time and they’re all fully editable.

Choose your product model - models are the shape/type of product you want to create. For example you can design a cover for a box, a CD, a report, etc. You get 20 of these different models to add your design to.

eCoverly is a simple tool, but also VERY easy to use. More importantly, the results are pretty impressive.

eCoverly also allows you to create static covers too. There’s heaps of templates to save you time and there’s many different product packaging styles too:



✅Business/Membership Cards

✅CDs & DVDs

✅Flyers & Magazines

✅Big Screens & IMac




Here’s some other cool features I like:

Drag and drop editor - very smooth and easy to use and when you’re editing covers. You can insert and resize images, add/edit/restyle fonts, colorize images and apply different effects like grayscale, vignette and grunge.

Image editor - Tweak the brightness and transparency of images to make designs truly unique.

Music player - You can listen to built-in music while designing your covers.

Image library - this is built into the dashboard and gives you access to a massive collection of clip arts, library images and the ability to upload and save your own images (great for adding logos, profile pics, etc.)

Font library - there’s hundreds of fonts to choose from and each one can be customized with shadows, outlines, word space and character spacing.

Client module - this allows you to share your designs directly with clients instead of uploading to cloud drives or attaching to emails. Nice touch.

The biggest selling point for me is the quality of the ANIMATED covers. These things just look amazing and way better than anything I could find on Fiverr or Upwork (without paying $50 for!)

Right now, animated covers are a new thing, so it’s hard to find anyone (or anything) that can help create them fast, cheap and to this professional standard. eCoverly solves that problem!

The quality of these eCovers is seriously next level for a piece of software that does most of the work for you.

This quality of design (especially animated) is hard to find online and could easily cost you $50, $70 or even $100 per cover. Now you can create them in seconds with this tool which is super exciting.

Is it worth the money?

There are heaps of studies that show how the right cover can boost book sales by 11x or more.

With animated covers, it’s just one more trick to grab attention and boost book sales.

And even if you don’t use the animated covers, eCoverly is definitely a huge time saver for creating any other type of cover.

Over time, I’ll probably save hundreds of hours on my designs.

Who is it for?

eCoverly is for anyone who is creating digital products for themselves or clients on a regular basis.

Whether it’s a book, report, software, course, podcast or anything else digital… this is a simple tool that makes it easy to create professional animated covers in seconds.

I can also see a major use for hobbyist writers who write fiction and want to make their book stand out (and gain respect from their peers.)

Agencies and freelancers will also love the way you can use eCoverly as a team and share designs with clients directly inside the tool too.

And it’s also a fantastic way to earn extra cash (or add a new service to your agency) without any steep learning curves and for work that can be done in minutes. I’ve seen business owners pay $100’s for the same covers you can create in under 5 minutes with eCoverly. And the demand for ecover design is always super high, so there’s plenty of opportunity out there!

What does it cost?

Normally it is recurring but the special launch price is a one-time $37.

$37 Personal Licence

$47 Commercial Licence

$67 Premium Commercial Licence

Features include:

✅ Animated Magic - 40 animated templates

✅Static Elegance - 250 static templates

✅Model Variety - 20(2 D & 3 D) ecover models

✅ AI Genius Editor - Intelligent & effortless customization

✅ Visual Feast - Extensive image and font libraries

✅ Image Library - Clipart, stock images & upload your own

✅ Drag, Drop, Done - Three easy steps to creating an ecover

✅ All In One - No other software needed

✅ Tune In - Builtin editor music player

✅ Anti - Theft - Watermark engine for security

✅ Access Anywhere - Cloud based

⭐ Bonus: Easy step by step video tutorials

⭐ Bonus: Commercial license*

⭐Bonus: Agency website*

⭐Bonus: Client manager dashboard*

⭐30 Day satisfaction guarantee

⭐ 24/7 Customer support

⭐ Low one time price!

Any upsells?

Yes, there are 5 upsells. You don’t need any of them to use eCoverly but a lot of them are very good additions which are nice to have.

What I like

- Animated designs are professional, slick and really eye-catching.

- Easy to use drag and drop editor

- Huge customization to create unique covers


- Creates stunning animated ecovers in seconds

- Easy to collaborate with clients inside the dashboard

- Way more affordable than other tools

Final thoughts…

What really stands out for me with eCoverly is how simple the whole design process is… and how professional and eye-catching the covers are, even for a beginner.

eCoverly’s biggest strength though, is the animated covers it spits out in seconds.

These are definitely going to give me an edge in my niche and probably will for others too.

For a cover design tool at this price point, I wasn’t expecting much.

However, I was surprised at how much customization you can do with this thing.

From image filters to font restyling, a huge image library all brought together with a smooth drag and drop interface - it’s very versatile for such a low priced design tool.

And with the agency license and client portal included, you’re all set up to help clients with their covers too, which is a huge untapped opportunity as the demands for ecover designers is higher than ever.

eCoverly is a great time and money saver and a cool little tool that helps you create animated covers to grab attention and boost sales for all your digital products. Highly recommended!

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